Artist: David Kingan

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Fuck history, we want Herstory. ‘Womb with a View’ is a curation (as well as our own personal narrative) of women’s stories, poems, and artwork. It is a collaborative project that began in 2016 and after two years of gestating in the wombs of two best friends is finally ready to be birthed. If you would like to submit please go here.

“We remain silent for it begins while we are so young. We remain silent because you taught us to swallow our voice. We remain silent for our silence makes the powerful rich. We remain silent for every time we have tried to speak, you have minimized the gravity of our pain…We remain silent because you need well-behaved daughters and wives to live your life peacefully. We remain silent for the very systems built to protect us dehumanize us further. We remain silent for in place of empathy, you give us shame, blame, ignorance, lectures, stigma. We remain silent because the crimes inflicted upon us mean so little to those in power.

Change, like humankind, is birthed by us women. We have realized progress is ours to architect—in this fractured world, it is the wisdom we have gained through our wounds that will repair the brokenness. We are thus setting the tiny dancer free. We are wresting our narratives from the hands of others. Your story links to her story links to mine, forming a chain, an embrace to mend the splintered Earth. We are surrendering our silence, an inheritance we never asked for, and with that, we claim our independence. New nation rising, we aria our anthem.” – Reema Zaman

Full article ‘Enough: Why Women Remain Silent’ here