Here at Womb with a View we recognise that patriarchy and the Western binary division of gender and the roles prescribed to them not only hurts cisgendered women but hurts everybody, and in particular hurts trans and non-binary persons. It is thus our intention to provide a space where everybody who identifies as female or as non-male has a chance to have their voices heard and their stories told. Whilst we understand that there are some individuals who feel that you must have a particular biology or assume a particular identity i.e “gender as they themselves see/feel it,” the reality is a lot more broad and beautiful than any one narrow lens can adequately portray. In that regard, we also wish to note that no bigotry or hate speech will be tolerated. If you disagree with our definition of women or with how we want to curate our book, then you are most welcome to a) not follow us and b) not read our book. 

Love and rage, Frances and Toyah x