Girl Power

I’m fucking done with HIS – story. It is time for HER – Story.

The world we live in is changing.

The female revolution is upon us.


I see a future for us – our Great Grandmothers could never have dreamed of.

I see a freedom for us – we have been fighting for, for too long.

I see a world where Women support each other instead of competing against one another. A world where we can feel safe, supported, valued, heard and seen.


I see a world where our place is not in the shadows, not on the sideline, not behind the scenes but centre stage directly beside Man – where we have always belonged.


Here and now – we rise.


For our Grandmothers.

Who grew up in a time the world insisted a woman’s place was in the home, and if she was to ever venture out in public – that she try to remain invisible. We are here now to take up as much space as you could not.  


For our Mothers.

Who craft and hold us inside of their bodies then carry us into this world and beyond – all while juggling their passions, lives, jobs, bills, dinner, while providing a warm bed and the safety of a roof over our heads. To the greatest composer of all time – we will take all that you teach us and impart with us to do our bit to follow in the steps you have carved out for us to kick ass in this world we were always meant to be deeply valued in.


For our Sisters.

Who gift us the love and adoration we too often deny ourselves. All while giving it their all to aid in the shifting of this old mentality amid healing their wounds, fighting their battles, building their empires and believing in themselves as this world tries to determine their worth with false images, decimal points on small screens and material manure. We are here now to uplift and hold steady the feet upon one another’s shoulders as we band together to rise.


For our Daughters.

May you aspire to be fierce Amazonian woman – not mini Cinderella’s – for you are the Queen’s who rule almighty, not the Princesses’ needing to be saved

May you know that you can be anything you desire to be and gender norms can get fucked.

May you know that you are so much more than “pretty” – you are intelligent, witty, hilarious, soft, caring, kind, creative, expressive, bold, brave, silly, crazy, fun, genuine and then some!!!

May you know its right to use “No” to stay in service to yourself.

May you love yourself wildly and irrevocably without fear or rejection.

May you know that you are beautiful no matter what weight, shape or size.

May you know of the power that lies between your thighs.



The world we live in is changing.

The female revolution is upon us.

-Tayla Joy Rapira