Curation Process

This is a book of all women’s stories, not a book about only one kind of woman’s stories. Mainstream feminism, along with all other forms of media, often prioritises the voices of the white, the voices of the wealthy, and the voices of the straight. It is our intention to curate this book with that in mind, giving precedence to voices that are often unheard and undervalued. It will be a platform dedicated to trying to incorporate a range of submissions from women from all different walks of life. However, this also means that we are limited to the spots for submissions from women who have had similar experiences or similar backgrounds.

In saying this, every submission is valuable to us, and if your piece does not get included in the book, we would still like to post it on our website. After the final selection process has occurred, we will email each woman individually and ask her consent for this. Please consider this our way of a) recognising that every woman’s story has inherent value, but b) understanding that progressive stacking and prioritising certain stories is necessary in a world that is already unequal in its manner of distribution.

Thank you for your understanding, and feel free to email us with further questions.